Endorsement Update

A few more ballot measure endorsements, for those keeping score. Obviously, the Governor has endorsed all seven ballot measures, as has the state Democratic Party leadership, including AG (and gubernatorial candidate) Jerry Brown. The Democratic Party itself, however, has taken no position. At its convention last month, while a majority of delegates voted to support some of the measures, no measure reached the 60% threshold for endorsement. The Republican Party, showing no such reluctance, has endorsed a NO vote on all the measures, as have Republican gubernatorial candidates Meg Whitman and Steve Poisner. Rival Republican candidate Tom Campbell has taken a more nuanced stance, supporting 1A, 1D, and 1E, but opposing the remainder. California’s two Democratic senators, Boxer and Feinstein, have endorsed all seven measures, although Feinstein qualified her endorsement, calling it a Hobson’s Choice (i.e., a choice offering no good alternative).


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