A voice from the right says, “Vote No.”

George Will, the notorious right-wing columnist, has his thoughts on California’s special election.  His prescription — in common with that of many unions and left-wing Democrats — vote no on everything. He’s hoping the result will be to deepen California’s economic tailspin and finally force the legislature’s Democratic majority to cry uncle and slash the state’s budget. Here’s a link to his column:



2 Responses to A voice from the right says, “Vote No.”

  1. Brittancus says:

    The invasion of illegal immigrants into the state of California, has much to do with the monolithic budget meltdown. Learn the truth from City councilor Andronovich stated that $ 11. billion can be attributed to every illegal alien, who breaks into America, get a free lunch on the taxpayers in Los Angeles county. That’s just Los Angeles? What about the rest of the state? How about the taxes extracted from every American, throughout AMERICA? My concern and thousands of other citizens and legal residents is how many—ILLEGAL ALIENS—are voting in elections, when no governmental ID is needed to prove immigration status. Simply recognize that California is a—SANCTUARY STATE—and by removing millions of illegal immigrants and their families will assist on balancing the budget.

    So vote—NO–on all propositions as you are supporting parasite businesses that hire illegal cheap labor. The Liberal Assembly in Sacramento has allowed foreign labor to settle here and now the Piper must be paid. Taxpayers are unknowingly paying billions of dollars in State benefits to underwrite education, health care, housing and other benefits and now has the highest taxes in the nation? If we don’t draw the line now–the politicians will keep drawing more and more blood from us, in the form of raised taxes. Demand a permanent E-Verify workplace extraction tool now. Learn more at NUMBERSUSA, JUDICIALWATCH.

  2. stuflash says:

    It’s all well and good to attempt to scapegoat undocumented aliens for California’s budget problems, but Andronovich’s figures don’t hold up to scrutiny. Many undocumented aliens hold down jobs and contribute to California’s economy, but are denied any benefits (such as unemployment insurance) because to apply would jeopardize arrest and deportation. By all means, employers who take advantage of undocumented aliens should be heavily fined, and potentially even subject to criminal prosecution, but undocumented aliens aren’t the cause of the budget mess, and voting no on Tuesday won’t help solve the problems of undocumented aliens.

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