Some Other Voices on the May 19th Special Election


Here’s the California Courage Campaign’s endorsement scorecard, along with its own endorsements.  (They endorse a No vote on all the measures.)  As you can see, there are groups all over the map; even on the liberal side of the fence.  The one set of endorsements that make no sense to me are the groups that endorse a Yes on 1B, but a No on 1A.  By the measures’ own terms, approval of 1B is meaningless unless 1A also passes.  It would make sense to ask people to vote yes on both, or to vote no on both, or even to vote yes on 1A but no on 1B, but to ask people to pass 1B but reject 1A is to ask people to do a futile act.  Assuming everyone followed their advice and 1A failed, all the votes for 1B would be wasted.  Perhaps someone can explain their logic to me, but I don’t see it.


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