Nader for President ….. again?

Ralph Nader is apparently again considering running for President.  (I can already hear the groans from centrist Democrats.)  According to a news report this morning, he’s said it all depends on whom the Democrats nominate.  If it’s Hillary Clinton (or someone equivalent — maybe Al Lieberman?) he’s seriously thinking of throwing his hat into the ring again.

Perhaps this is somewhat of a form of threat or blackmail.  If so, I heartily support it.  We really don’t need the Democrats to nominate another centrist candidate to run a tweedledum and tweedledumber campaign “against” the Republicans.  As someone said a while back referring generally to the DLC  (I’m paraphrasing), if you give people the choice between voting for a Republican in Democrat’s clothing and a real honest Republican, of course they’ll vote for the latter.

Maybe in 2008 the Democrats will finally discover that there’s more to being a Democrat than just liking donkeys.  On the other hand, given some of the folks running things in the party, maybe they’ll continue to focus on appearances rather than substance.  In that case, we can look forward [???] to four more years of the same-old-same-old; in which case I’d rather vote for Nader and at least feel like I’m supporting real change in this country. 


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